Guitar Lesson Information

Choosing a properly sized guitar is essential to ensure that it can be played comfortably. A grand concert guitar (upper left image above) is suitable for full-grown adults only. A nylon string classical guitar (upper right image above) is smaller and suitable for teens and adults. So is the smaller body of the Yamaha APX500, now the APX600 (lower left image above). For 7 to 12-year-olds, the Little Martin (lower right image above) or the Yamaha Student Series CGS103A (a 3/4-size guitar) is a good choice.

Feel free to ask me for assistance in selecting the right instrument and gear. I have all the instruments I recommend so you can actually try them out during a lesson to get the perfect fit guitar.

      "Our son, daughter, niece, and nephews have learned guitar with Mark for the past four months. They've enjoyed practicing every day the scales, theory, and especially the favorite songs that they got to choose or request. They always look forward to meet with Mark for new lessons every week."

                                         - Trang Nguyen, Westminster, CA

Guitar Recommendations

Private Guitar Lessons For Kids, Teens, and Adults

Private guitar lessons for kids, age 7 and up, teens, and adults. I strive to provide lessons that are both fun and productive.

A 30-minute weekly lesson is ample for most beginners, providing enough material for a 30-minute daily practice between lessons.

The method course I developed covers all styles of guitar: fingerstyle, plectrum (with a pick), solo, lead, rhythm, improvisation, and more. Music theory will be taught along the way. Students are free to emphasize certain styles of music as they progress, like classical, pop or jazz.  

Check out the Guitar Lesson Sampler video below: